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Camp fires are allowed but there are restrictions.

    • Oceano Dunes encourages people to collect and burn wood that is laying around.

    • It is against the law to burn anything other than wood.

    • Pallets and boards that have nails or any metal attached, is prohibited.

    • You will receive a ticket for unauthorized burning of prohibited materials.

    • Do not cover / bury fires with sand. There is nothing worse than running over or parking on a buried fire.

    • Please allow the fires to completely burn.

    • It is not required for you to stay with the fire.

    • It is ok to leave a fire burning on the Oceano Dunes.

  California Beach Bonfire  

Please note: The winds can change at any given moment. Make sure there is a good distance between your fire and any property. (Especially anything with a gas tank)



Pismo Beach Fires


After a Storm, there is plenty of free wet wood to burn. Do not try starting a fire with wet wood.




Beach Fire


Please help us keep our Dunes clear of Sharp Metal and GLASS!



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